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Make your own backyard ice rink quickly and easily with NiceRink's wide array of outdoor ice rink supplies. From ice rink liners to backyard ice rink boards to ice resurfacers, NiceRink has you covered. Click the various tabs below to learn more about our main backyard ice rink products.

NiceRink Brackets

Backyard Ice Rink Brackets

NiceRink BracketsThe first major improvement in NiceRink® brackets since 1998! The most unique and easiest method ever devised to make the perimeter of an outdoor, temporary ice rink just got better. NiceRink® brackets were designed and engineered based on knowledge gained from building and skating on our own outdoor rinks using the traditional sideboard and pounded stake method. The NiceRink® brackets eliminate the need to “build" a rink. They are easy to use and cut installation time by at least half. With that in mind, we know you’ll enjoy the practical purpose and clean look of the bracket’s design on your NiceRink. Spaced every four feet, NiceRink brackets accommodate 3"-14" of ice with no additional support needed. This is done using either our Thermoformed Plastic Sideboards or 3/4" thick plywood in variable height panels of 12", 16" or 24" depending on your rink’s location, design and how the rink will be used.

The ability to adjust the board height makes it easier to erect a rink on uneven or sloping ground. The minimum board height is 12" with a maximum suggested height without additional support of 24". This allows for as much as a 10" pitch (14" of ice) using the NiceRink backyard ice rink brackets alone. For rinks on uneven or sloping ground, we have now added an extra board support component into the bracket, where a 1" x 4" board can be added and attached for additional sideboard support. There is also a 3⁄4" diameter stake hole within the bracket to provide extra stability when needed. Frost-penetrating 3⁄4" steel stakes are available in 18" and 24" lengths. Brackets should be placed every four feet along the perimeter. Place them every two feet apart and add 1 x 4's and/or steel stakes into the bracket for any areas with deeper than 14" of water/ice. If the water/ice gets up to or over 18" please contact us for additional board sup- port recommendations.

This makes a sturdy frame to last for years to come. Easy Up—Easy Down! NiceRink® brackets are made with super UV resistant, treated poly compounds to last over 12 years.

For Lakes, Ponds and Hard Court Surfaces: We/You can make a simple modification to our NiceRink Brackets and you can then use the NiceRink Thermoformed Boards and NiceRink Brackets on Frozen Lakes, Ponds, Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, or other hard surface area. By removing the spikes, the brackets can lay flat on the surface and be staked in or sandbagged to help hold them in place.

More Information on NiceRink's Backyard Ice Rink Brackets | Purchase NiceRink Brackets

NiceRink Sideboards

NiceRink Backyard Ice Rink Thermoformed Plastic Interlocking Sideboards

NiceRink BoardsWe are VERY excited to offer you a reengineered board with AWESOME advancements! They are the perfect perimeter board to use with your NiceRink Brackets. What have we done now? For one, we have now adapted an extra support board cavity that will integrate with the NiceRink bracket, to easily allow for extra "deep water support" to be added, by simply inserting a 1" x 4" board into the NiceRink plastic board, and locking it into the bracket. Secondly, our "NEW" manufacturing process allows for a much nicer, smoother, professional finish to the boards. The new design still maintains the same full hinge/interlocking design of 2009 and 2010 which is very easy to use and works awesomely, allowing the boards to be easily connected together for a nice, sturdy, long-lasting sideboard that locks together from "top to bottom."

The aluminum insert support bar along the back of the board is for added stability on sites that have more slope with deeper water/ice. This aluminum bar also extends over the top of the brackets to "LOCK" the boards to the brackets when fully seated into the brackets. No backside board attachment necessary - simply slide them into the NiceRink Brackets and you're good to go. NiceRink thermoformed boards allow a swivel/hinging action at each connection so every rink has rounded radius type corners, without the need for additional curved or flexible boards. The dual-purpose stacking buttons along the top of the boards work with the NiceRink BumperCaps. We've molded the stacking buttons at an optimum height from the top of the board to help secure the BumperCaps to the boards and help prevent them from blowing off. If you're looking for the serious backyard rink of a lifetime, the only way to go is with the NiceRink Thermoformed Plastic Boards. They're lighter weight, longer lasting and look SO much better than wood boards.

For Lakes, Ponds and Hard Court Surfaces: We/you can make a simple modification to our NiceRink Brackets and you can then use the NiceRink Thermoformed Boards and NiceRink Brackets on Frozen Lakes, Ponds, Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, or other hard surface area. By removing the spikes, the brackets will then lay flat on the surface and can then be staked in or sandbagged to help hold them in place.

Boards Measure: 18" tall, 4' long, 1" thick; Weight: 9 Lbs. (Less than half the weight of 16" x 4' x 3/4" piece of plywood.)

More Information on NiceRink's Backyard Ice Rink Boards | Purchase NiceRink Boards

NiceRink Liners

Backyard Ice Rink Liners

NiceRink LinersOrdering the NiceRink backyard ice rink liner is a very simple affair. After determining what size rink you'd like, add 5' to the length and 5' to the width to get your ice rink liner size. Examples: 35' x 45' rink requires a 40' x 50' liner, a 55' x 95' rink requires and 60' x 100' liner. This will give you 2.5' of liner around the entire perimeter of your rink to go up the inside edge of the boards to contain the water/ice. As mentioned in our NiceRink pricing, the sizes of liner available are dependent upon which liner type you select. NiceRink #1 material is available in widths of; 20',30', 35', 40',50',60',72' stock and then starting at 78' and every 6' thereafter by special order. When the width of a NiceRink #1 liner is over 70', the width must be the 6' increment. For NiceRink #3 material, the liners can be ordered in most widths of 6' increments starting with 24' wide up to 198' (Minimum length 50 feet). The NiceRink "CheapSkate" material is available in widths of 32',40', 50' & 60' stock. (80' & 100' available by request) If you have any questions, PLEASE call us @ 888-NiceRink for help!

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* All of our liners are easily repaired and we do include a 25 foot roll of NiceRink ™ permanent patch tape with every liner and have underwater adhesive available, because "we know" accidents do happen.

NiceRink NiceIce Resurfacers

Backyard Ice Rink Ice Resurfacers

NiceRink Ice ResurfacersThe NiceIce™ Resurfacer is made of solid lifetime steel, not PVC plastic, and is a MUST for any rink

The NiceIce™ resurfacer is a portable, hand-operated tool that makes creating and maintaining a high-quality ice rink a snap. The Patented NiceIce™ resurfacer consists of an easy to handle galvanized steel pipe frame that serves as a conduit for water fed by a garden hose systematically distributing the water evenly onto the ice and smoothed on contact by the NiceIce™ resurfacing mat. Thin, controlled applications of water produce a Super Smooth Surface to any rink in minutes.

The NiceIce™ resurfacer comes in 3 sizes: 32", 52" & 66".

More Information on NiceIce Rink Resurfacers | Purchase NiceRink Resurfacers

Custom NiceRink Backyard Ice Rink Packages

Custom NiceRink Packages

Custom NiceRink Packages

Looking for the perfect package to build your backyard rink this winter? We've got the perfect package ready to go with just a click. Choose from one of our stock package sizes, or create a custom package from scratch.

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NiceRink 20' x 40' Rink In a Box

Backyard Ice Rink in A Box

20 x 40 Rink in a box package

NiceRink™ 20' X 40' Rink-In-A-Box - Just $340 (Does not include required sideboards). Included items valued at $475.00 plus shipping

NiceRink™ celebrates its' NINTH year for its "Rink in a Box" retail package available online through our NiceRink Dealers and in select local retail outlets. Thousands of families "Took home the FUN" when they purchased a 20 X 40 foot backyard ice rink. NiceRink, the leading manufacturer of home and commercial outdoor rink systems, continues to offer this package for an incredibly affordable price of $340 MSRP. The package comes with an instructional DVD and the rink is simple to set up and adapts to uneven ground using the patented NiceRink Bracket System (included). The Rink in a Box package is expandable if you'd like to increase the size of your rink in the future. See our expansion kits for more information.

The retail package includes the "key essentials" to get started on building your own 20X40 NiceRink.

NOTE: This package is only available through retailers.

Description: USUnited States Customers - 20' x 40' Rink-In-A-Box retail packages can be purchased exclusively through one of our many dealers. We have dealers around the country, so please visit our US dealer locator to find a dealer near you.


Description: CanadaCanadian Customers - NiceRink Rink-in-a-Box is available in Canada through Costco also carries a variety of other NiceRink products, such as NiceRink Brackets, 32" NiceIce Resurfacers, a 28' x 52' NiceRink Gold Package, Backstop Netting and replacement NiceRink Liners. Click Here to see them all.

Special Note: Some dealers may also carry lesser quality rink packages along with NiceRink. Insist on the original, NiceRink, for quality and value. We also have replacement liners to extend the life of your rink.

More Information on Rink-In-A-Box Package


NiceRink Knows!

Best Backyard NiceRink Photo ContestWith 20+ years of rink building & sales, coupled with the 1,000,000's of Frozen Memories® we've created...."NiceRink Knows" how to get it done!

Are you ready for a NiceRink and all the Frozen Memories® it can offer? We're here FOR YOU!

Imagine, stepping out the back door, into the crisp winter air, past the warm glow of a fire pit, under the winter sky riddled with stars and onto a pristine slab of untouched marble ice that is yours to carve. If that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling of what could be, then you are ready to join the 1000's of NiceRink families around the globe.

At NiceRink, we have spent the last 20+ years tinkering and tweaking each component of our own backyard rinks year after year, to make the BEST system better and easier for everyone. With improvements on both the NiceRink Bracket and Thermoformed Board in 2011, NiceRink is at its BEST ever. By utilizing the Big Four NiceRink components; NiceRink Brackets, Thermoformed Boards, NiceRink Liners and our NiceIce Resurfacer, NiceRink simply "KNOWS" what it takes. And we're ready to help you. Whether you start small with a 20' x 40' kit and expand as you go, or jump in with both skates on a 44' x 88' Gold Package, NiceRink offers the most unique "personalized" self-leveling rink system, that actually works virtually anywhere.

NiceRink has a story to tell, and we invite you to enjoy our clients' stories through our clients "Frozen Memories"® photos. The NiceRink choices are infinite, the possibilities are limitless, and our product reputation is second to none. Start your own story today, let NiceRink help you create Frozen Memories® of your own this winter.

Surf through our SUPER INFORMATIVE website to see all NiceRink has to offer. for extensive product information, custom rink quoter, 1000's of client photos, contests, and more.

Plan NOW, order EARLY and save 5% on orders placed by November 1st

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NiceRink all over Canada on Still offering a great mix of a 28 x 52 Gold Package, 20 x 40 Rink-in-a-Box, 25 x 45, 32 x 60 & 40 x 70 NiceRink Liners, NiceRink Support Brackets, 32in NiceIce Resurfacer & 8ft x 24ft Backstop Netting. Visit NiceRink Products CLICK HERE

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About NiceRink providing #FrozenMemories Since 1991 [10/06/15]

Close your eyes and imagine yourself on a starry winter night, stepping into your backyard, walking down a snowy walkway, past a glowing fire pit, down to the foot of a frozen pond that you made all on your own. It's the imagery authors dream of writing about and the "frozen memories" Stoller said his company not only makes, but prides itself on. " One of my big things is NiceRink has been around since 1991. Our family business has been around since 1948. We're a fourth generation company. Plastic sheeting is our background, so that's how we got started," Stoller said. "It's just being in love with the ice. With that, it became a passion. We coached....I was a director at a club for a couple years. This isn't just a business. This is our life. If you want to talk hockey or skating with me, I'll talk all day." Stoller is not kidding when he said hockey is his life. He and brother Ken played in the USHL, coached and was a club director. He has his own children and nephews now and encourages them to play hockey, behind the family mantra, "If you can walk, you can skate."


NiceRink Boards & Brackets on NBC's TODAY Show: [02/20/08]
NiceRink is proud to announce a feature on NBC's TODAY show with correspondent Mike Leonard at the US Pond Hockey Championships, which feature the NiceRink Brackets & Boards in all their glory on 25 rinks on Lake Nokomis. Check out the video clip at

About NiceRink

NiceRink is the world's leading manufacturer of outdoor ice rink liners, ice resurfacers and ice resurfacing accessories for portable home ice skating rinks, backyard ice rinks and backyard hockey rinks. The NiceRink ice rink liner products are made from top of the line, engineered films which are made lightweight, yet durable enough to withstand the cold weather and abuse ten times that of cheap clear plastic sheets. By combining the superior quality of our Ultra-Strong Super-White NiceRink liners, with the patented NiceRink Brackets we'll have your rink iced and ready to go, when ya wanna go! Our ice rink liner and ice resurfacer products can be manufactured in any size in one piece, so there is no need for taping two sheets together to get the ice skating rink you really want in your home's backyard. Our mission with NiceRink ice rink liner products is to provide simple yet effective solutions to making and maintaining outdoor backyard hockey rinks and portable ice skating rinks as well as to provide products to help develop skaters' creativity and abilities whenever they want to without regiment.

For more information on our backyard ice rinks, outdoor ice rink liners, ice resurfacers and ice resurfacing accessories for portable ice skating rinks and backyard ice rinks/backyard hockey rinks for your home, please contact us today at 1-888-NiceRink

"My neighbors thought I was crazy when I was building it, but came out and took video when we were skating"   K. Kennedy-Hackensack, NJ