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Hat Trick License Plate

Do you have a Hockey or Skating themed license plate or a "Hockey Phrase" that you think every other RinkRat should see? For Pete's Sake, send it to us @! We'll look it over and get your Hockey Fun posted up!

Hockey Fun - Phrases

"Bar Down" - A great shot that beats the goalie, hits the bottom part of the cross-bar, makes a "ting" sound, and goes in the net.

"Barn Burner" - Used to describe a game that is fast paced, high scoring, and exciting to watch.

"Cherry Picker" - A player who stays at center ice and does not help their team on defense. They hope to pick out a break out pass with no defenders in their way.

"Chirp" - Trash talk directed toward an opponent, their bench, or the refs.

"Deke" - A Deke is used by an offensive player with the puck to confuse a defender or goalie. It is a fake or feint move. A common deke is to lower the shoulder in one direction, but actually turn in the other.

"Face Wash" - When a player sticks their hand/glove in the opposing players face, usually after a whistle, which often results in an altercation or fisticuffs. Or when a player skates towards the goalie, and stops, spraying them in the face with snow.

"Five Hole" - The potential scoring areas around a goal are numbered from one to four starting in the lower right corner, and proceeding clockwise at each corner of the net. The "5 Hole" is between the goalies legs on the ice.

"Goon" - A player who may lack finesse, but specializes in hard hitting checks to interfere with the other team.

"Gordie Howe Hat Trick" - To have an assist, a goal, and a fight in one game.

"Gretzky's Office" - The area behind the net, made known by Wayne Gretzky for his ability to set up, and score goals from there.

"Lettuce" - A great head of hockey hair.

"Light The Lamp" - This simply means to score a goal. It refers to the red light that gets turned on when a goal is scored.

"Lip Sweater" - A mustache, typically grown out during the month of November for the "Movember" cause to support male health issues.

"One Timer (or One-Tee)" - A type of shot where the player shoots right as he receives the puck on a pass or a rebound. He does not handle the puck at all, but simply just shoots the instant the puck gets to him.

"Pickin' up the Chicklets" - When the pros without masks get there teeth knocked out, they have to pick them up so the dentist can think about getting them put back in. However, teeth when not in you mouth, look like Chicklets Gum when laying on the ice, hence "Pickin' up the Chicklets"  

"Puttin' on the Foil" - A phrase made famous by the hockey movie Slap Shot. The Hanson brothers say they're "Puttin' on the Foil" which refers to taping foil to their knuckles to help them in a fight!

"Pylon" - A player that is extremely slow on the ice, and can be easily skated around.

"Ride the Pine" - When a player spends the entire game sitting on the bench.

"Sauce" - A well executed saucer pass (a pass that goes in the air and hits back on the ice right before getting to the recipient) that sits flat on the receiving players tape.

"Sin Bin" - Another name for the penalty box.

"Tickle the Twine" - This is an old phrase that refers to the puck hitting the twine of the net when a goal is scored.

"Toe Drag" - This is a puck handling skill that is very deceptive to defend against. It is where a player uses the toe of his blade to pull the puck in close to his body. If pulled off smooth, it is pretty fun to watch.

"I was a first time buyer of your rink liner last year and now I'm hooked! Thank you"   Nick, MI