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Hockey/Skating Themed License Plates

NiceRink License Plate

Hat Trick License Plate

Do you have a Hockey or Skating themed license plate or a "Hockey Phrase" that you think every other RinkRat should see? For Pete's Sake, send it to us @! We'll look it over and get your Hockey Fun posted up!

Hockey Fun - Phrases

"Pickin' up the Chicklets" - When the pros without masks get there teeth knocked out, they have to pick them up so the dentist can think about getting them put back in. However, teeth when not in you mouth, look like Chicklets Gum when laying on the ice, hence "Pickin' up the Chicklets"  

"Puttin' on the Foil" - a phrase made famous by the hockey movie Slap Shot. The Hanson brothers say they're "Puttin' on the Foil" which refers to taping foil to their knuckles to help them in a fight!

"Tickle the Twine" - this is an old phrase that refers to the puck hitting the twine of the net when a goal is scored.

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