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Here are some select articles from around the web featuring NiceRink. If you know of an article we're mentioned in, please let us know by contacting us.

Anywhere (Backyard Rink)
John Buccigross on outdoor rinks: "All the while flying, physically not on the earth. You are actually above the ground, hovering inches above" This is a MUST WATCH from Bucci! Enjoy, as John puts into words what skating outdoors has put in your heart.

Boston, MA (Park & Rec)

Buffalo, NY (Park & Rec)

New York Times Article
Call it what you want, Old Time Hockey, The Roots of Hockey, Winter Classic, the NHL outdoor game on New Years Day was a HIT! There's just nothing like a hockey game outside in the cold with the snow falling.

Buffalo, NY (Park & Rec)

A NiceRink Winter Classic in a backyard less than a mile from the NHL Winter Classic.

Connecticut (Backyard Rink)
John Buccigross of ESPN, writes and skates on his NiceRink.

Connecticut (Backyard Rink)
John Buccigross of ESPN gets a NiceRink

Connecticut (Backyard Rink)
John Buccigross is at it again. NiceRink 2009

Detroit, MI (Backyard Rink)
Detroit News Article from 1/22/14

Kensington, NH (Park & Rec)
A NiceRink liner comes to the rescue of a "Blue (ICEMELTING) Tarp", in New Hampshire.

Maple Grove, Minnesota (Park & Rec)

Video Segment from HGTV. A NiceRink client goes ALL OUT!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Park & Rec)
A little rink with a lot of fun!

Minneapolis, Minnesota (Park & Rec)
US Pond Hockey Championship promo video, featuring NiceRink Brackets and Plastic Boards!

Minneapolis, Minnesota (Park & Rec)
NiceRink is proud to be the official board system supplier to the US Pond Hockey Championships, held in 2008 on Lake Nokomis January 18th-20th. See the boards in action with video highlights including a feature video done by NBC's Today show correspondent.

Minneapolis, Minnesota (Park & Rec)
NiceRink Brackets and boards featured on NBC's Today Show in use at the US Pond Hockey Championships. Correspondent Mike Leonard, follows his journey through the tournament and playing hockey outside.

Minneapolis, MN (Backyard Rink)
Outdoor rinks, the key to learning everything you don't during a coached practice. 

Minneapolis, MN (Park & Rec)
The REAL LIFE MIGHT DUCKS! And NiceRink to the rescue.

North East (Backyard Rink)
Backyard Ice Rinks dot the North East for winter fun!

Philipsburg, Montana (Park & Rec)
Icy nights by lamplight: Rotary Club helped develop NHL-sized rink for downtown

United States (Backyard Rink)
USA Hockey Article about "Backyard Bonanza" AKA....making your own backyard rink.

Upton, MA (Park & Rec)
Skating Away at the Town of Upton NiceRink.

Wooster, Ohio (Backyard Rink)

A NiceRink down as far as Ohio, an hour or so SOUTH of Cleveland!

"Thank you for having the perfect product for what I was looking to do."   Jason C.-Minneapolis