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NICERINK IS WONDERFUL!!!! My dream became a reality, Thanks to NiceRink!

Toni, Pasedena, MD


We really appreciate your services and support and look forward to doing more business with NiceRink in the future! We love our rink.

Pete~ Richmond, MA


Love your products! The brackets are indestructible. I have had mine for 3 years and not even a chip. Keep up the great work.

Jed~Stow, MA


Purchased NiceRink for Grandchildren.   Priceless Frozen Memories for all of us!   Every Saturday night is hockey night at grandma and grandpa's house.   Countless hours of fun for all of us! 3 little cousins look forward to playing together on the rink.   Great activity to bring the whole family together!   Will never forget first day our 5 year old grandson showed up with his new goalie equipment.   Was amazed that he could even stand up with all of this equipment on let alone skate!   Certainly brings out the inner child within us, our 32 year old son is probably the biggest kid out there!   Just love watching them all have so much fun!   Wonderful product!   Certainly brought a lot of enjoyment to our Canadian winter! Just welcomed our 4th grandson into the world, our hockey team just keeps growing!   Thank you!

Nicole~Cornwall, Ontario


My son is so happy it is NiceRink time! :) Thanks for three years of fun memories and many more to come.

Stephanie~Binghampton, NY


The under-ice lights were awesome this season! Thanks for making our little Denver Broomball league so happy!

Don~Denver Colorado


I started skating when I was about 18 years old. I didnít grow up in a hockey family but I was an avid Chicago Blackhawks fan. My pops is responsible for that. He always talked about how hockey was a big part of his childhood, so after a few years of watching Kane dance around the rink, I decided that I had to strap on a pair of skates for myself and give it a try. NiceRink is amazing because it provides families with the opportunity to create #FrozenMemories and develop a love for such an amazing game. I am so excited for this season to get started. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Matt from Burlington, WI      


I have been in customer service industry over 14 years and have never seen anyone better at customer service than you guys! You for sure have customers for life as long we keep having a backyard ice rink! ~ Scott R.


I am a huge fan. Love your products and my outside rink. My son is now 5 and skating formally 2 times/week and he can't wait until the rink at home is up and running! Thanks for everything! Barry ~ Maine


I am not sure how many years we have been clients - but none of your products have ever failed us. It has just been awesome. I am so glad I found your website years ago. Thanks, Colin - Saskatoon


Thanks so much! I loved your liner- been doing a rink for 18 years and yours was the best!I will continue to spread the joy! Thanks again I will be ordering soon. Ed-Deerfield, IL


We loved our rink this year, so much that in my 53 years in Minnesota I commented to my wife that this was the best winter I've ever had.  In past winters I've often felt like I was passing time until spring.  I laugh about it, but I really felt like I had a purpose this winter - ha.  It was kind of scary at first and I dreaded the work I thought I'd have to put into it and whether I could make decent ice or not.  There was a learning curve, but once we were up and running I can't tell you the pleasure I had with my 8 year old son on the rink.  And his hockey skills just leaped this year from the extra practice.  I'm sure our photos are not the best, but they don't very well show what having the rink meant to us this winter.  NiceRink made it relatively easy and quick to get the rink up and it worked great. Mike ~ Northfield, MN


From a client that used to use 2"x12"s and wood stakes....
Not missing the 2"x12"s, although they do look good in the fire pit!


Your installation video and product are great.  My wife and I were able to assemble the 52 x 52 rink in a couple hours - and not a single argument :)  Seriously, I was very impressed with how easy and well the board and bracket system work together.  I'm also glad I got the premium kickplate - no screws and a piece of cake to determine how much water to put in. John W.~PA.


Anything I can do to help you sell let me know. You have a raving fan here. Setting up that rink was so much easier than past with plywood. K. Fittro~IA


Thanks again,  you have a great business and your products have resulted in several years of great backyard rinks for my kids to enjoy. Dave M ~ Lindsay, Ontario


I purchased a complete NiceRink package from you in October 2011. Put it to use that winter and was absolutely amazed by your product! I had my yard leveled and the company did a poor job, so one half of my rink had 18" of ice while the other had 6". I was so concerned because as the season progressed, the walls were getting heavier and heavier and I was waiting for them to give way. It came pretty close but your product stood up for the entire season!! Joette D ~ Mass


Four years ago I brought a NiceRink to the community I work for. I was told by many it would never work, and the ice would never freeze enough...It was wildly successful! So much so, that we purchased a second rink the following year. We have one rink for hockey and one rink for skating. This season was our first upgrade to a full size hockey rink and our park has never seen this much winter activity. Thanks! R. Mattes Union Vale Parks and Recreation-NY


This is a Funny one from Kyle L in Douglas, MA. Kyle tells me, "As soon as I get an inch or so of ice, I go out with a stick, stand on the outside of the rink and just pass the puck around, running all around the boards. Neighbors probably think I'm nuts"


This is my third year making a backyard rink. It's 100 feet by 50 feet. Thank goodness I found NiceRink to make it MUCH easier and better! The family quality time experienced is immeasurable! Thanks NiceRink!
J. Woodall-Lake Bluff, IL


Great Product! Our entire family in one satisfied customer!
Stef ~ Aurora, Illinois


I want to officially thank you and NiceRink for an amazing winter.  This was our first year with a backyard rink and my family and friends had a blast.  Again, the best part about getting the kit from your company was the access I had to your know-how.  It was a huge help being able to send you emails while I was putting the rink up.  With a full season under my belt, I think next year will be like clockwork. John A. ~ Naperville, IL


Thanks for your help in making winter's more fun!
Rob D - Massachusetts


I also just recieved my first order and must say the stuff does look quite good.
Nick ~ Ottawa, Ontario


We usually get about 20-25+ really good skating days in
western PA and it is worth everything to us.  Neighbors love coming over and
already 2 other people have put up rinks based on hearing about ours.  You
definitely have helped to create "frozen memories".  Thanks again!
Sean - Pittsburgh


You rock! Can't wait to get the rink up this year. Got rid of the swing set and a few trees, Almost doubling the size! Dan~Amherst, NY


Your liners have saved our rink the last few seasons.  We used to try to use a cheap plastic liner on our NiceRink boards, and had little success.  We went to the "NiceRink" liner and have had terrific ice the last few seasons.
Jacob T. ~ Cottage Grove Park & Rec.


Thank you for all your help!! Your customer service is above and beyond excellent!!!!
Mike M ~ Pennsylvania


My daughter loves the ice!

This is the best year thanks to your wonderful liner.

In the months leading up to the building of the ice surface I posed several questions to you.

Your answers were extremely helpful.  

A few photos shows the construction steps, followed by the finished product, and finally a few pictures of the shear delight my 8 year old daughter and 77 year old mother experienced on the ice surface. THANK YOU JIM !!!

When mum was down to skate the other day she was having difficulty tying her skates. (77 year old fingers don’t like the cold weather much).

I asked if I could tie them for her, after all, she and dad had tied mine for a lot of years!!!  She graciously accepted my offer, and in a few moments she and my daughter were out having a ball chasing each other around, doing jumps and spins and figure eights.  

Neighbors and friends have been over to enjoy the ice. I consistently tell them about your company and how wonderful you are to deal with.
D. Faulkner ~ Nova Scotia


I just wanted to let you know that everything has worked out great for our rink so far. I got the steel stakes into the ground really easily with a sledge hammer, even though it was pretty well frozen. Getting the rink set up with the brackets took very little time, so thanks for a great design! I got the water in before the deep freeze came and we were skating two days later. I'll have to send you some pictures. My family is very pleased and I wanted to thank you for all your help. You guys do a great job. Mark G ~ Huntley, IL


Dear NiceRink Company,  We certainly have many frozen memories to look back on this year since our rink officailly opened on New Years Day! We are hopeful for many more to come.  As of today, January 19th we have had 64 people skate on the rink along with 5 of our favorite neighborhood dogs. Our rink is the most popular place to be this winter.  We are getting
everyone to come out to skate, play hockey and even celebrated our daughters 8th birthday on the ice - yes, it may have been only 18 degrees out this past Saturday night but we all had cake out on the picnic table and had a great pick up game of hockey.  The 20' x 40' starter kit worked out so well and it was very easy to assemble.  We are looking forward to next winter when we will install a much bigger rink.  We recently put an addition on our house and took that opportunity to flatten out our not so even yard - yes, my wife got a new master bedroom suite and I got a hockey rink that is awesome!  Thanks for all the frozen memories you have helped us create.
M. Roy ~ Maine


Just wanted to comment on the liner we purchased from you. It is fantastic.

We were able to obtain an ice rink 3 years ago through some sources. They used a Canadien company-- as a liner vendor. After a couple of years of the hassle of getting a liner through customs I decided to find a US firm. Not only is your liner a better quality,and easier to install, it is also priced reasonably. Will certainly be a return customer.
Mark @ Boys & Girls Club ~ New York


This rink puts a whole lot of smiles on both kids and adults.  

This was the best gift Santa brought this year..And the best thing is..

It keeps on giving year after year..  

The only problem we have (with all the kids in the neighborhood) we are always running out of hot chocolate..  

A fantastic item for the winter...Can't be better...
A fantastic product you guys put out.    We may need to expand...
Stephen F ~ Long Island, NY


My Backyard Hockey Rink
A Poem of the Five Senses by C. Yee ~ Franklin, MA
I see the frozen glass
I see the trees do the "wave" as I score a goal
I see the snow blow onto the ice
I smell the sweat from my hockey gloves
I smell hot dogs cooking on the grill
I smell the burning wood on the fire
I hear my skates rip through ice like a saw cutting wood
I hear the trees clang back and forth in the wind
I hear the pucks bang off the goal posts
I taste the cold snow
I taste my mom's hot cocoa
I taste my mom's hot brownies
I feel the sweat run down my cheek
I feel the cold wind blow open my jacket and sting my face
I feel happy when I skate on my backyard hockey rink with my hockey pals


We absolutely love this rink and your company is giving me all the memories with my kids. Thanks for a great product. We have skates for the entire neighborhood and have games three days a week. I have a neighbor behind me that I got to order your system a few years back, however he did not use your liner this year and his rink is messed up. I will help him out be sure he gets the right stuff next year. It's a great invention and we really appreciate you coming up with this "system". When I was a kid in Minnesota, we tried to put up a rink with my dad. We were unsuccesful. When I found your stuff, I not only  had to buy it, but come up to meet you personally. It was like truly finding the gold at the end of the rainbow. I just can't say enough about what this is to me and my family. I know this sounds nuts, but heck, I grew up in Minnesota and maybe had too many pucks to the head.
Mike ~ Lake Forest, IL


Our first Skate was December 4th! We have had hundreds of compliments from our friends and family. You have a great product and I'm looking forward to many years of continued use as our children are almost 5 and 2.5 years old. Also, to add to the compliments, the rink was unpacked and built in 3.5 hours by a friend and I.
Craig ~ Medicine Hat, Alberta - Canada


Hello all! Just wanted to say WOW!!!!! We put up our rink About 2 weeks is a 44x44 piece of gold to us! We have Mite and Squirt age boys and since the first freeze we have an average of ten little guys over here every night. Verona Wisconsin will never be the same:) This was an early Xmas present for my kids and husband...worth every penny already! Just wanted to say thank you for the hours of fun, you will most likely see a few more from the bunch that keeps coming over and telling my kids thay are the luckiest people in the world:) This is amazing! Jennifer ~ Verona, Wisconsin


I just wanted to let you know that I ordered a 30X25 NiceRink #1 liner this year and we have a great backyard rink here in South Minneapolis now! My 5 year old daughter and 3 year old boy spent an hour outside on it yesterday learning to skate when they came home from school. It is exactly what I was hoping for and all your directions and tips worked beautifully so far. I'll send in pictures when I can, but thank you for having the perfect product for what I was looking to do!


Jason C. ~ Minneapolis


"NiceRink delivers!! Even post-sale."

We all know how nice and helpful companies can be prior to you buying products from them.  However, how many times have you seen companies fall off the face of the earth after you buy their products.  It seems it is always harder to get a hold of them and support from them is almost non-existent.  Well, I am happy to say that the folks at NiceRink do not adopt that philosophy!  Jim and his staff repeatedly went out of their way to answer dozens of questions I had along the building process to ensure my work didn't falter after their high quality products arrived at my house.  I can't think of a better experience I could have had, and was a bit worried knowing my well, lets just say lack of carpenter skills!  The easy to use high quality products coupled with the most helpful team I have worked with resulted in an extremely satisfied customer that will be telling all my friends about my rink.  Nice job NiceRink!!
Tony ~ Rosemount, MN



We have had a great first week.  I am sending a couple photos from Thanksgiving.   Forget football, getting out on the ice is much better, and there is no way we could do it without the big liner from you guys.   If you need any other photos, let me know.   The brackets by the way really helped me getting the boards installed quickly.  

We are looking forward to a fun winter.


D. French, Vermont 


Thanks for making the exact product I am looking for at an affordable price!
Jason ~ Minneapolis


To whom it may concern: I was a first time buyer of your rink liner last year, and now I'm hooked. Thank You! Nick ~ Michigan


If you ever need a testimonial let me know.  We've been using NiceRink stuff for 15 years and its top notch.  The rink has become not only a good training tool for my young players, but a family tradition that will go on for many decades to come.

Thanks, Rob.


Thank you for your commitment to excellence. I have searched the internet for years for help with my family's ice rink hobby! We are converting over to Nice Rink products each season. You have top shelf products, fantastic customer service, and a great website. Now, when I talk about my rink with friends, family, and patients, I give them your website! My kids have said to me four to five times per week about how they can't wait to build the rink. Our rink was one of the best things we ever did to promote family time as well as given an option for the cold months outside of their crazy Hockey schedules. They whine about going to hockey practice, but they lie about doing their homework so that they can go out and skate on our own rink. I started ordering from you last year and have been amazed at your thorough product line.
Sincerely, Dr. Gary K.


"We bought our first liner from last year. My only regret is that I didn't start building rinks 10 years sooner. :)"   J. Grow - Holland, OHIO