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Rick-O-Shay Thermoformed Goal Blocker

Rick-O-Shay On Hockey Net

That’s all we could say when we first saw this item. It's actually a friend of ours who came to us with this idea to see what we thought. "Are you kidding me", I said. How fast can you we start producing these. Imagine playing hockey anytime and having a goalie. This Three dimensional thermoformed goalie will make the puck react just like a regular goalie. Giving up rebounds and deflections in an infinite number of directions, just like a real game. 
Rick O Shay can even make real glove saves to stop the play for even more lifelike action. No more shooting at a flat piece of plastic or wood, and having the puck just lay there for easy tap in goals. 


This is one goalie that will give anyone a challenge, and invoke exciting on ice action to make the game as REAL and FUN as possible without worrying about whether or not the goalies are going to show up. Shoot the puck "Rick O'Shay", will give it back. Unless of course you're good enough to score! (Patents Pending)

"Rick-O-Shay has been a huge hit at all five of our locations. Everyone from kids to adults, customers and coaches really enjoy shooting on "Rick."He's a challenge to score on and gives up unpredictable rebounds. But what has impressed me most is that Rick can handle the hardest shots. We've had Division 1 college players and NHL players give him their best shots and we've never had even a crack. For rink operators, I really feel this product can help increase business for drop in sessions because it's so much fun for your customers."

Rob Schriner - Director of Hockey, Chiller Ice Rinks, Columbus Ohio and former captain of the Ohio State D1 Hockey team and Columbus Chill ECHL team. 

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Rick-O-Shay Goal Blocker


Rick O Shay Goal Blocker

Rick-O-Shay Goal BlockerRick-O-Shay Goal Blocker

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