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Winter was made for skating. With NiceRink's unique outdoor ice rink products and accessories, you can transform your backyard into a sheet of ice that’s yours to carve. Providing #FrozenMemories Since 1991 BETTER-PROVEN components for 45%-60% LESS *SPEND LESS-GET MORE.....LOTS MORE!*

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Measure Location

The size and slope of your backyard, along with the number of people who will be skating, are important factors in determining the dimensions of your rink

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NiceRink® offers a wide array of products, packages and solutions, all customized to your individual budget and specifications.

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Assemble Your Rink

NiceRink® provides detailed instructions and quick, easy tutorials that will guide you in assembling your own custom rink quickly and easily, in as little as 40 minutes!

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Premium Backyard Ice Rink Packages

NiceRink is the premier DIY backyard ice rink manufacturer in the industry. We know what you’re thinking: Anyone can flood a field and call it an ice rink. But if you’re looking for a personal home rink that will be strong, even, and skate-able all winter long, NiceRink is the place to go.  


NiceRink has been creating incredible outdoor rink systems since 1991. We produce everything from the individual products that make a perfect rink, to entire customized home rink packages that are ready to be set up in your space. NiceRink backyard rink packages are fully customizable for your space and completely DIY-friendly.


Building your backyard ice rink


There are three stages of building a successful backyard ice rink. Here’s how to get started:  


Before you buy 

  • Measure your desired location. You’ll need to know the size and slope of your space, as well as how many people will be skating at the same time. 
  • Select your rink from NiceRink’s wide array of products, packages, and solutions. You’ll find everything from individual products to entire rink packages, each of which can be customized to meet your unique specifications, so you end up with the best backyard ice rink possible. Click here to view the entire rink buying guide.

Choosing your NiceRink 

  • Each home rink package is created to meet your space’s specifications. Choosing the right rink package for your space is an important first step in ensuring a successful DIY installation. Click here to learn more about the options and features of each home ice rink.  
  • Find your local dealer and make your rink choice, and the production process will begin right away. NiceRink will prepare your package using the most durable and long-lasting materials available. NiceRink liners are ultra-white on both sideshelping to keep your ice as cold as possible and saving your grass. These liners are what makes the difference in your ice quality,tooproviding the smoothest, longest-lasting ice for your family.  

Installing your NiceRink 

  • All that’s left to do is assemble your backyard ice rink. NiceRink will provide detailed instructions and tutorials that will guide you through the entire process. Previous NiceRink customers have reported setting up their package in as few as 40 minutes!  Click here for more information (and videos) about the installation process.  
  • Enjoy your rink! Once you have ice, the rink is ready for play. As soon as the word spreads, you’ll have all your friends, family, and neighbors knocking down your door to join! 

Enjoying your home ice rink


Add a little fun to your backyard this winter. With NiceRink’s products, your family and friends will enjoy endless days of hockey games, spinning ice skaters, and general winter play. Get a high-quality ice rink ata reasonable price and start creating wintertime memories today. 


Contact us for more info about our ice rink options!


"This is my third year making a backyard rink. It's 100 feet by 50 feet. Thank goodness I found NiceRink® to make it MUCH easier and better! The family quality time experienced is immeasurable! Thanks NiceRink!"

J. Woodall - Lake Bluff, IL

"Your liners have saved our rink the last few seasons. We used to try to use a cheap plastic liner on our NiceRink boards, and had little success. We went to the "NiceRink®" liner and have had terrific ice the last few seasons."

Jacob T. - Cottage Grove Park & Rec

"Our first Skate was December 4th! We have had hundreds of compliments from our friends and family. You have a great product and I'm looking forward to many years of continued use as our children are almost 5 and 2.5 years old. Also, to add to the compliments, the rink was unpacked and built in 3.5 hours by a friend and I."

Craig - Alberta, Canada

"Our Rink was one of the best investments I've ever made."

D. Hay - Mineral Point, WI

"NiceRink liners and boards are durable enough for the entire family to play on."

C. Hennessey - Paris, WI

"We have now had the NiceRink liner for 6 winters! Still going strong...Thanks for the great times and memories NiceRink!"

J. Vander Ploeg - Calgary, Alberta

"It's especially in crazy times like this, that we feel blessed to have an outdoor rink to escape to. Thanks Jim, to you and your team , for making having a back yard rink so easy."

F. Macchi - Grand Portage, MN

"Thanks for such a great product! Fantastic exercise and so much fun! "

B. Francey - Canton, NY

"Thank you NiceRink for an amazing season of skating! Can't wait to do it all over again next winter!"

E. Ware - Fox Point, WI

"We love our new rink and cannot wait to regrade next year to go way bigger!"

Matt McInnis - Lake Tahoe

"thankful you guys continue to provide your products to keep my two boys smiling"

Bill G. - Manchester, NH

"It was our first season and the NiceRink nailed it. Thanks and looking forward to many more!"

B - New Jersey

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Testimonial from Peter A
Peter A.

We really appreciate your service and support and look forward to doing more business with NiceRink in the future!

Peter ~ Richmond, MA

Don R.

The under-ice lights were awesome this season! Thanks!!

Don ~

Toni U.

NiceRink is WONDERFUL!!! My dream became a reality. Thank you NiceRink!

Toni ~ Pasedena, MD

Joe H.

I have been building Ice Rinks in the greater Chicagoland Area for 20+ years since 1992. I have searched the world over for different products to help me and found NiceRink to be the best and most complete system on the market without question. Supreme Sports has used the NiceRink system since 1998 and will continue to. Best support system for the demanding conditions! Supreme Sports Backyard Fun Since 1992

Joe ~ St. Charles, IL

Mario R.

I researched rink systems and NiceRink was the company that was the most put together. The President, Jim Stoller worked with me to design a 30x60 system that worked for my application, having a yard that was not quite level, I was very impressed by the durability of the system having 16 inches of water in one end and 3 inches in the other, we loved our NiceRink system so much we permanently installed the NiceRink for roller hockey, street hockey, tennis, basketball and of course ICE HOCKEY..... My family and friends love it! Now we can’t wait for the cold to get here. Thanks NiceRink!

Mario ~ Holbrook, MA

Testimonial from Mike F
Mike F.

As a provider of public outdoor ice rinks I have used NiceRink products for nearly 25 years. Over the years NiceRink has been innovative in product design including the "plastic interlocking side boards" and the "full height kick plates". These innovations have allowed us to keep up with the demands and challenges of providing top quality outdoors skating opportunities for our local skaters. I look forward to seeing what new innovative products NiceRink will provide to satisfy the outdoor skaters needs.

Mike ~ Clarendon Hills, IL


We LOVE NiceRink! My husband has been putting a rink up now for 3 or 4 years. Last year he even did it on his own, super easy set up/take down. We’re hoping one of our kids will catch on the skating thing, but in the mean time he’s learned hockey and even plays on a team! We love our late night skates under the stars. Looking forward to building years of frozen memories with our kids, friends and family. Thanks NiceRink!

Elliott-Family ~ Johnsburg, IL

Kittsley Family

Thank you all for helping to make our backyard another wonderful source of frozen memories. The small town of Pleasantville New York thoroughly enjoyed having another great year of hockey and skating thanks to you. Each year we continue to enhance. Last year we made curved boards. This year- the rope lights and yellow bumpers were a huge hit.

Kittsley ~ Pleasantville, NY

Andy - Red Lodge

"Since our original purchase of sideboards, brackets and a HUGE liner, Red Lodge Ice has appreciated the quality of equipment and service from NiceRink. Every couple of years we purchase a new liner, new shovels and parts for our ice resurfacer. We're so glad that there is an option for an affordable rink setup, without it, our town wouldn't have a rink! Thanks!!"

Andy ~ MT

Don Hay

We've been fortunate to have a NiceRink the entire time my daughter has been growing up in Mineral Point Wisconsin. Unfortunately our rink days are over since my daughter is headed to college in the fall. It's sad, but we'll both remember the great times that we had out on the rink. Our NiceRink was one of the best investments I've ever made.

Don ~

Shawn Rodgerson

As our year comes to an end...check out the picture I was able to capture on our last night of skating. Had a great season. Thanks again for the great liner! Nothing but the best!

Shawn ~ Canada

Dodd Kittsley

Thanks for another Great season of wonderful hockey memories. Each year we make some enhancements-Such a great time with my boys. We look forward to it every year!

Dodd ~ New York

Brianna Carlson

"We are thrilled to use NiceRink for our backyard rink! The products are high quality, and the service has been exceptional. We looked into multiple at-home rink options, and NiceRink stood out above the rest. It's evident NiceRink is passionate about what they do, and they strive to help families create wonderful memories on the ice. It's been our dream to have a rink in our backyard, and thanks to NiceRink, we are fulfilling our dream...and building many #FrozenMemories!"

Brianna ~ Mendota Heights, MN

Bryan Francey

My kids are loving the rink again this year. This ice rink has been a lifesaver during this pandemic and we are truly grateful for how easy the setup and cleanup are. With the kids struggling to find places to play this winter, our rink has really kept them and a few friends active.

Bryan ~ Canton, NY


We are so happy that we went with your kit. You provided all the tools necessary to succeed. We have been enjoying it for weeks. We owe our success to you. Especially this winter, it has been awesome to have something wonderful to do as a family. We have already had wonderful memories made. Thank you for your help and putting together a great product.

Caroline ~ Balston Lake, NY


We have our rink up and going. It was our first year building a rink and we could not be more pleased with our choice to go with NiceRink. It was very easy to install and all the parts are very well built. Thank you for building a quality product and for all of your support along the way.

Mark ~ Park City, Utah

Lesley W.

We had the kids on the rink last night for the first time. They are in heaven and it's a good way to let out energy from being on their computers all day. These rink kits are high quality. My husband and I were very impressed!

Lesley ~ Durango, CO.

Eric G.

I bought the NiceRink Gold Package this year and I can't tell you guys how happy I've been with this decision. Between teaching my two year old how to skate and spending way too much time at night shooting pucks in the dark, this rink has truly made my winter. I could've DIY'd it, but the ease of putting together the NiceRink and the added bonuses of the kickplates, bumpers and homebonie have made it so I can spend my time and energy focused on the important things-like obsessively watching the weather and trying to fool gravity into thinking I have less slope than I do. Thank you!

Eric ~ Waltham, MA

Adam H.

“The last 10 years I’ve purchased all of our rink equipment, liners and resurfacer from NicerRnk. They are a fantastic company, very responsive and professional. I highly recommend NiceRink for all your backyard rink needs.”

Adam ~ Amherst, NH

Backyard Ice Rink by NiceRink