All About Ice Rink Tarps: 3 Essential Criteria

February 2, 2018

Building your own backyard ice skating rink can be a lot of fun and very rewarding. On top of personal satisfaction at successfully building something and the winter of hockey games to come, you will likely save a good amount of money over time. How? Well, since the United States only has 1,900 indoor ice hockey rinks and 500 outdoor rinks, it can cost a pretty penny to book team time on the ice.

The obvious solution is to build your own rink. You'll need some supplies, but not too many. In fact, building a backyard ice rink is actually not too complicated. That said, there's one sticking point for many people in your shoes. What kind of backyard ice rink tarps should you use to hold the water?

Backyard Ice Rink Tarps
Getting a tarp that is both big enough and won't rip is absolutely essential to the project. If your tarp rips, water goes everywhere and you'll need a new tarp. There are a few things to look for in a tarp or ice rink liner.

There are a two reasons that tarp color can influence the quality of your ice rink. First, the darker the color, the more sunlight it absorbs. This can cause your rink to melt on sunnier days. Second, typical blue and green tarps you would find at a sporting goods store are known to damage grass beyond repair. Our tarp is white for the UV reflectiveness and is sensitive to your grass.

You are going to want at least 2.5 extra feet of liner. Measure your rink dimensions, then get a liner with the appropriate extra length on every side. As the water fills into your rink, the tarp will settle into the gaps between your sideboards, bringing tension to the tarp. If the tarp is too short, water will leak through the cracks.

Speaking of leaks, you need a tarp that can combat any water escaping for years to come. Liners are an integral part of a big investment in your wintertime fun. Ensuring rugged dependability is a must when building such a wonderful seasonal recreation.

If you want to have the most dependable and risk-free tarp, give us a call today. We will cut your liner to size and answer any questions you may have.

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