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Things You Should Get To Up Your Backyard Ice Rink Game

August 30, 2018

Yeah, we know, backyard rinks are cool enough as is. You already have one and it's getting good use in the winter and the summer because you're a creative genius. You've done an awesome thing, being a catalyst for the 65% of kids who are participating in sports with friends both outside and inside of the school. Do you want just a backyard ice rink or do you want the coolest one in the neighborhood?

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Create Your Own Family Fun: 5 Easy Steps To Build A Backyard Ice Rink

August 27, 2018

When the kids are bored of the same old outdoor activities, a fun and innovative way to get them excited about physical activity again is to build a backyard ice rink. An ice rink in your backyard may sound complicated, but here are five easy steps to doing it.

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When Winter Comes: 3 Ways To Make Snow Thrilling For Your Kids

August 3, 2018

Winter tends to be the most lethargic time of the year. It's too cold and uncomfortable to get your kids outside (only one-third of all children are physically active every day anyway, so your work is already cut out for you). So what are you supposed to do? Give them incentive! Bribe your kids with a guaranteed fun time by offering these three delightful activities they can do in the snow -- and their own backyard. They won't be the only ones having fun when you see how exciting winter can be.

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How to Get Your Kids Active and Off the Couch

July 24, 2018

Keeping your kids active is crucial for their mental and physical health. It gives them the opportunity to get in shape and interact with others.

But even though it may seem easy to get them out of the house, it may not be as simple as you think. Looking for some unique ways to get them active? Here are some tips.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Building Your Own Ice Rink

June 6, 2018

Instead of waiting for the nearby pond to freeze over or battling for space at your local ice rink, you should build a backyard ice rink! A recent study claims nearly 10.65 million people over the age of six participate in ice skating. Not only does a backyard ice rink ensure you’ll always have access to skate, you’re only feet away from all the snacks of your kitchen. Here are a few dos and don’ts on how to make a homemade ice rink.

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6 Great Beginner Skate Skills to Learn on Your Backyard Rink

June 1, 2018

Back in 2014, there were about 10.65 million ice skating participants aged six or older. This number is growing every day, and children everywhere are learning how to enjoy themselves out on the ice. A new trend in skating is building your own custom backyard ice skating rinks. To do this you will need backyard rink liners, boards, and brackets. Once it is built, you and your children can learn awesome new beginner skating skills. Here are a few examples.

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3 Wacky Backyard Ice Rink Accessories to Get For Next Season

May 24, 2018

Now that you have your backyard ice rink liners, sideboards, and brackets, it's time to think about what other ways you can have fun next winter. Backyard ice rink accessories are a great way to make hockey games more enjoyable and take the edge off of competitions. Since 71% of youth sports players say they would not care if no score was kept for their games, let's look at some bizarre and offbeat ways to spice up backyard hockey scrimmages.

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5 Tips That Can Take Your Backyard Ice Rink to the Next Level

May 4, 2018

Building your own ice rink using backyard ice rink products like liners, brackets, and sideboards is just the beginning of a potentially even more awesome project. To take homemade ice rinks to the next level, ask yourself what professional rinks have that you don't. There are 1,900 indoor hockey rinks in the United States and 500 outdoor rinks. As a starting point, consider the following features of professional rinks.

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How to Take Down Your Backyard Ice Rink This Spring

May 2, 2018

As winter gradually comes to an end, it might be time to start thinking about tearing down your backyard ice skating rink. This is especially true if it has already started melting. It's a sad time, to be sure, but with 36 million kids playing organized sports each year, your children will certainly find something else to do in the off-season. Besides, this will free up your yard for other springtime activities. Homemade ice rinks are fantastic fun, but as with anything, it must come to an end. So, here's how to take down homemade ice rinks safely.

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4 Crazy Ideas for Using Your Backyard Ice Rink in The Summer

April 17, 2018

Pew Research has data that shows a huge improvement in the amount of time parents spend with their children. Fathers in particular have tripled their time spent on child care, and despite 71% of mothers now working away from home, they have still managed to spend 57% more time with their children. This is good news for everyone involved, especially during winter when you have an ice rink in your backyard. But winter is pretty much over, and it's about time to clean up the rink.

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7 Great Possibilities that Come with Your Backyard Ice Rink

March 9, 2018

If you are looking for a great winter activity to enjoy with your children, consider building a backyard ice skating rink. This is the perfect way to help them hone their hockey skills and stay in shape all season long. Backyard ice rinks are also a great place for you and your significant other to come after the kids go to sleep for a romantic evening together. The possibilities are endless when you have your own backyard skating rink, but here are a few that are exceptionally enjoyable.

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2 Seasonal Projects You Can Do With Your Kidsa

February 23, 2018

According to Pew Research, since the mid-1970s, fathers have nearly tripled the amount of time they spend caring for their children. Meanwhile, mothers have managed to spend 57% more time with their kids despite 71% of them also working outside the house. The United States as a whole is making great strides toward better and more attentive parenting. To help continue this trend, here are two fun things parents can learn how to build with their children.

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All About Ice Rink Tarps: 3 Essential Criteria

February 2, 2018

Building your own backyard ice skating rink can be a lot of fun and very rewarding. On top of personal satisfaction at successfully building something and the winter of hockey games to come, you will likely save a good amount of money over time. How? Well, since the United States only has 1,900 indoor ice hockey rinks and 500 outdoor rinks, it can cost a pretty penny to book team time on the ice.

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Building An Ice Rink With Your Teen: Easy Steps

January 26, 2018

As a parent, you'll probably be happy to learn that up to 67% of American teenagers actually would like to spend more time with you. In a turbulent time when hormones are brewing, responsibilities are piling up, and making the right decisions is the most difficult thing in the world, your teenager needs the guidance you are able to provide.

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The Pressure Free Way To Train For Hockey Revealed

January 10, 2018

It might surprise you to learn that 71% of kids that participate in sports say that they wouldn't mind if nobody kept score. Though it is counterintuitive to sports as a concept, it actually makes a good deal of sense. Children, and people in general, play games and sports to enjoy time with their friends in a structured environment.

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5 Ways To Connect With Your Kids This Winter

January 4, 2018

Contrary to what you might think, since the mid 1970s American fathers have actually been spending more time with their kids, according to Pew Research. In fact, they now spend almost three times as much time with their children as their fathers did. Mothers, though 71% of them now work, still saw an 57% increase in the amount of time they spend with their kids. This is heartening news for parents everywhere.

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Where To Find the Materials for a DIY Home Ice Rink

December 6, 2017

It might surprise you to learn that up to 67% of teens in America say they'd like to spend more time with their parents. One way to bridge that hormonal gap might be building an ice rink in your backyard this winter. If your son or daughter loves hockey, ice skating, or any winter activity, building your own DIY ice rink is a great bonding activity.

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How Building A Backyard Ice Rink Can Keep You Warm This Winter

December 4, 2017

Winter is here and there's no time like the present to learn how to build a backyard ice skating rink. You'll be able to use it for romantic nights with your significant other, and your kids will be able to use it to practice for hockey in their free time. You can even get all their friends together for back yard games.

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Good Hockey Parent #Goals: 3 Rules To Follow

November 14, 2017

Nearly 36 million kids play organized sports each year, and that figure includes millions of young hockey lovers. If you've ever built a backyard skating rink for your young hockey enthusiast, you'll know that a homemade ice rink is an excellent way for them to perfect their skills and have a lot of fun.

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3 Ways To Encourage Your Daughter To Play Hockey

November 9, 2017

Hockey is a sport beloved by people all over the world. But even though society has made a lot of headway in terms of gender equality, ice hockey is still considered by many to be a male-dominated sport. There is absolutely no reason that every girl shouldn't try her hand at hockey and learn to love the game.

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Liner Notes: Your Ice Rink Tarp Questions, Answered 

August 28, 2017

Building a homemade ice rink takes a bit of preparation. It's never too early to start thinking ahead to your rink's installation. We've compiled a few FAQs on one of your ice rink's most important components: your ice rink liners.

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Location, Location, Location: How to Choose a Spot For Your Backyard Ice Rink

April 27, 2017

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a spot for your rink.

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Missing The Ice? Why You Should Try Roller Hockey This Summer

June 23, 2017

Roller hockey is a great option to stay in shape during the ice hockey off-season.

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Parent's Guide to Early Sports Exposure for Kids

March 6, 2017

Here are just a few of the many benefits that come from exposing your child to sports at a young age.

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3 Tips For Keeping Your Kids Safe This Winter

November 21, 2017

Although many of us love the events that winter brings -- hockey, ice skating, and the holidays, among others -- we need to take extra precautions when participating in wintertime activities.

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3 Ways to Help Your Kids Thrive In Their Favorite Sport

July 24, 2017

Installing backyard ice rinks, working on the fundamentals of baseball/softball, and practicing kicking can help your kids thrive in their sports.

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3 Social Benefits of Team Sports (And Why Your Child Should Be Playing Them)

June 01, 2017

Spring and summer provide all kinds of opportunities for your child to participate in other team sports. These sports will not only keep them in tip-top shape for hockey season, but they'll also enjoy a number of emotional and social benefits from doing so. We'll take a look at just three of them below.

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3 Tips To Help You Stay in Shape For Hockey This Summer

May 26, 2017 

Backyard ice rinks make it easy to practice throughout the winter, but during the spring and summer, you have to make more of an effort. Here are just three tips to help you stay in shape during the off-season.

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5 Ways To Stay In Shape In The Off Season

April 19 , 2017 

Get ready for next year's hockey games by keeping in shape during the off season.

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3 Easy Maintenance Tips For Your Backyard Ice Rink

March 30, 2017

Planning on building your own backyard skating rink? Be sure to follow these three easy maintenance tips for keeping your rink smooth and safe.

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4 Fun Ice Hockey Facts To Impress Your Friends

February 27, 2017  

4 fun ice hockey facts

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How a Backyard Rink Can Help Skaters Develop Their Skills

January 5, 2017 

How Skaters Benefit From Practicing On a Smaller, Backyard Rink

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