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When you choose NiceRink as your provider of outdoor ice rinks and accessories, you’re investing in a generations-oldfamily business that’s known nationwide for quality and innovation. Whether you want to create winter memories, or encourage your family’s passion for skating, we’ve crafted an array of products that are unique, simple, and durable. Our ice rinks are like no other, and we ship to the US, Canada, and internationally. If you’re ready to embrace the cold in your backyard, then transform it into an outdoor ice rink that you and your family will never forget. Contact us today to break the ice and get started. 

Our Products

Over the years, we’ve been constantly designing, evolving, and improving our line of products to enhance your backyard ice rink experience. Whether you need the full package or replacement parts, we’ve got everything you need to stay cool, without limiting your options. 

Our packages

Craft your dream outdoor ice rink with customizable packages. You’ll get everything you need to build and care for your backyard ice rink, from liners to boards and more.  


NiceRink liners aren’t like the others. With multiple layers, purposeful engineering, and tear-resistant materials, they won’t crack or give out on you.


Make life easier with our unique bracket system. Our brackets are the simplest and most convenient way to support the sideboards of your ice rink.  


Build a perimeter for your ice rink that won’t fail. Our interlocking, plastic boards are designed to withstand hard impacts without breaking a sweat. 

Online store

Everything else you could possibly need for your rink is right here. Training products, resurfacers, hoses, boots, and so much more are just one click away. 

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We’re a project born out of a dream that turned into a thriving company. Since 1991, we’ve been leading innovators in the home ice rink industry, creating advanced but simple solutions to enhance the home ice rink experience. You can learn more about us here and, if you have questions about shipping, installation, or requirements, check out our FAQ page. To contact us directly, you can fill out our online form, email us at, or call us at 1-888-NICERINK (888-642-3746). 

We can’t wait to see the frozen heights you achieve. 

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