SuperGrip 4ft BumperCaps™ (CASE/15)(CANADA ONLY)(SCROLL for SHIPPING)

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Better Grip, Better Holding Power, *Safety Yellow* This 4ft BumperCap item is for (CANADA CLIENTS ONLY) MUST BE ORDERED IN CASE QUANTITIES OF 15. If you are located outside of Canada please go to our regular 4ft BumperCaps. They come in 4ft sections and provide two key aspects to the NiceRink system. First they will hold the liner over the top of the boards, Second they will protect the skater from the top edge of the boards. All Canada BumperCap orders will receive 4ft BumperCaps automatically. (SHIPPING NOTE: Although BumperCaps only weigh a few pounds each, they are large and bulky. A case of 15 pieces of 4ft BumperCaps weighs only 12 pounds, HOWEVER measures 17inx17inx53in and ships for $65.00 "per case of 15" to the Provinces of Ontario & Quebec. Alberta, Maritimes & New Brunswick areas for $95.00 "per case of 15", Manitoba & Saskatchewan $85.00 "per case of 15", and British Columbia for $105.00 "per case of 15".


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