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*NEW* and IMPROVED 2016! Better Grip, Better Holding Power, Still *Safety Yellow* BumperCaps come in 8 or 4 foot sections and provide two key aspects to the NiceRink system. First they will hold the liner over the top of the boards, Second the safety yellow color and padding will protect the skater from the top edge of the boards. Qty 1-10 $10.00, 11-25: $9.80ea | 26-50: $9.50ea | 51+: $9.30ea (If you are ordering these outside of a package, please order double the amount of 4ft BumperCaps, as UPS will NOT take the 8ft BumperCaps. If you order 8ft Bumpers outside of a package, we will automatically substitute double the amount of 4ft Bumpers to save you shipping costs.)(SHIPPING NOTE: Although BumperCaps only weigh a few pounds each, they are large and bulky. A case of 15 pieces of 4ft BumperCaps weighs only 12 pounds, HOWEVER measures 16inx17inx50in and ships as 84 Pounds per case)

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