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Make Your Backyard Ice Rink Set Up Easy with NiceRink® Brackets

NiceRink Bracket. The Perfected sideboard support piece to hold our 18" Thermoformed Plastic boards OR YOUR OWN 3/4" thick Plywood. This is the key component that makes NiceRink the king of rinks. The Brackets will hold up to 14" of water with NO ADDITIONAL SUPPORT NEEDED! Perfect for rinks on uneven or sloping ground. Also with our NEW upgrade of the added extra support component into the bracket, where a 1"x4"x19"long board can be added for even more sideboard support where needed. IN CANADA: With the popularity of the NiceRink brackets increasing each year, we are very excited to offer our NiceRink Brackets in Canada through For Lakes, Ponds and Hard Court Surfaces - We/You can make a simple modification to our NiceRink Brackets and you can then use the NiceRink Thermoformed Boards & NiceRink Brackets on Frozen Lakes, Ponds, Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, or other hard surface areas. By simply removing the spikes, the brackets will then lay flat on the surface underneath and can then be strapped, spiked in or sandbagged to help hold them in place. Get "SPIKELESS" brackets here.

Helpful Videos

Video Tutorial to Check Slope by NiceRink

Video Tutorial to Install Plastic Board by NiceRink

Video Tutorial to Install Brackets by NiceRink

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