NiceRink Brackets (Case/30)(CANADA ONLY)(Scroll for shipping)

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Patented NiceRink Bracket designed to hold boards 3/4" thick from 8"-24". This is the main item that makes NiceRink the king of rinks. The Brackets will hold up to 14" of water with no additional support needed. (**This bracket section is for Canadian residents only. If you are a US resident please visit the US bracket section.) SHIPPING RATES are as follows: $73.50 per case of 30 to the Eastern Ontario Province & Quebec. Alberta, Maritimes & New Brunswick areas for $110.00, Eastern Ontario, Manitoba & Saskatchewan $105.00, British Columbia and Labrador for $120.00. ALL COSTS IN US DOLLARS

NiceRink Brackets are also available Canada wide in case quantities of 30 at for $499.99CAD *DELIVERED*

Helpful Videos

Video Tutorial to Check Slope by NiceRink

Video Tutorial to Install Plastic Board by NiceRink

Video Tutorial to Install Brackets by NiceRink

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