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(SHIPPING MID JANUARY) The NiceIce resurfacer works on any surface. It makes ice like glass, in less time, less water and less hassle than just the hose. Thin controlled applications of water result in super smooth ice on any rink. 32" Model recommended for rinks 0 to 4,000Sf. (Includes one resurfacing matt) Optimum performance requires water pressure of at least 3 Gallons per Minute or more.
IN CANADA: With the popularity of the NiceRink in Canada increasing each year, we are very excited to offer our 32" NiceIce Resurfacer in Canada through Costco.ca

NiceIce Resurfacer Situation:

The gentleman that ran the company for the past 20+ years unfortunately passed away the summer of 2017. NiceRink had offered to take over the manufacturing for their family back in May/June 2018 and keep it going, however his wife and children thought “at that time” they would keep it going. Unfortunately,……They contacted me November 1st of this 2018-19 season, and let me know that they can’t and don’t want to continue doing it anymore and they’d like NiceRink to take it over. Sure sounds great….? Then we were informed that they have only the inventory on hand and nothing more on order. Keep in mind, this was dropped on us NOV 1st. Right in the heart of the sales season. We then put an agreement in place, which was actually not signed off on until 11/19. Now SCRAMBLING to get some more inventory made……Pipe Benders were telling me 6-7 WEEKS (from 11/19) and I still have to get them powder coated, assembled and packaged. So, for right now, we’re not 100% sure when exactly we’ll have more 32”s or 52”s on hand. We also have “most” of the components for 7 of the 66” model. Once we get all the components in house to assemble, it won’t take us long to assemble, package and get the orders shipped out. At this moment 12/19/2018 that looks to be just after the first of the year. Possibly MID-January 2019 before we’ll be able to assemble and start shipping out 32” & 52” backordered resurfacers. 66” models will probably be the week of 12/24.

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