NiceIce Synthetic Ice 4' x 5' Panel (10 years "per side")

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NiceIce Synthetic Ice

NiceIce® is an affordable synthetic ice system which skates like real ice, is easy to install/remove as well as maintain. Designed specifically as a skating surface NiceIce® is the only synthetic ice system which uses Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE) as its core component. UHMW is superior to other raw materials in terms of strength, hardness, glide performance, durability and maintenance. Combined with special polymers NiceIce® is the most “ice-like” synthetic ice system available and is delivered in easy to install 4’ x 5’ or 4’ x 10’ panels that simply interlock to form a seamless, uniform skating surface! NiceIce® was designed for ease of assembly as well as convenience for quick removal. NiceIce® panels are easy to maintain and do not require the use of special cleaning or glide enhancers, and unlike other synthetic ice systems does not flake or shred when in use! Current estimated life span is 20 YEARS! (10 years per side)

***Finished panels when attached measure 46.5" x 58.25" or 3.875' x 4.85'***

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Video Tutorial to Check Slope by NiceRink

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