NiceIce/NiceRink 18"x4' Board Package

Looking for a full Rink Package?

We've got you covered!

Rink Packages

Each 4' Package Includes Retail Cost is:

NiceRink Spikeless Bracket $13.50

NiceRink Plastic Board $40.00

NiceRink BumperCap $6.00

NiceIce Adapter Plate $15.40

NiceIce Shoulder Bolt $5.00

NiceIce Shoulder Bolt Nut $3.60

Total RETAIL $83.50 per each 18" High x 4’ section

48" High x 4' Section $163.50

18" to 48" "Transition Section $188.50

Plus Shipping

Helpful Videos

Video Tutorial to Check Slope by NiceRink

Video Tutorial to Install Plastic Board by NiceRink

Video Tutorial to Install Brackets by NiceRink

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