NiceIce V3 "Dry Super Glide" Synthetic Ice 3' x 6' Panel (10 years "per side")

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NiceIce Is the Next Big Thing in Sports Surfacing

If you love ice skating or hockey, don’t pass up the chance to have your very own ice rink in your backyard! With unique, top-quality personal ice rink products and accessories from NiceRink, winter will become your new favorite season. NiceIce is one of our most innovative products. If filling your rink with water isn’t an option, this revolutionary synthetic ice surface still lets you experience the joy of skating, with even greater flexibility than using real ice. Learn more about NiceIce panels and resurfacers here. Then, contact NiceRink to ask questions or place your order.

What Is NiceIce?

NiceIce is an affordable synthetic ice system that offers a superior skating experience, longer lifespan, and less maintenance than other artificial ice. NiceIce is different because it’s made from UHMW-PE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene), a product praised for its strength, hardness, and glide performance. This is the most “ice-like” synthetic system available anywhere, with no special cleaning or glide enhancers required. Plus, NiceIce doesn’t flake or shred, even after prolonged use. The system is comprised of simple, interlocking panels that form a smooth, uniform skating surface. NiceIce is available in a variety of colors, including polar white, ice blue, and pond grey. Full-depth blue and red lines are also available, and our product development team is currently testing panels with permanent custom logos! Stay tuned to learn more about this option.

How Is NiceIce Installed?

For optimal performance and system integrity, plan to install NiceIce on a firm, level surface, including concrete, asphalt, or compacted aggregate. You can set up your synthetic ice rink indoors or outside as either a permanent or movable skating surface. A rubber mallet is the only tool needed during installation. With individual 4’ x 5’ and 4’ x 10’ panels weighing just 40 and 80 pounds respectively, it’s easy to install, move, and store NiceIce as desired.

How Easy Is It to Maintain NiceIce?

Very little maintenance is required for your synthetic ice rink. Simply keep the surface clean and free of debris to optimize the skating experience. Even with minimal maintenance, the current estimated lifespan of NiceIce is 20 years—10 years per side! Now that’s a good investment. H3: What Is It Like to Skate on a Synthetic Ice Rink? We asked NHL players to test the NiceIce surface and compare it to the fresh ice experience. The feedback we received revealed that NiceIce offers 85% comparable skating response and 95% to 100% puck response. While synthetic ice is appropriate for skaters of all skill levels, it’s particularly beneficial for newcomers. After all, NiceIce offers a smooth skating surface, but it eliminates the concerns many
novices have about cold, wet, abrasive ice. It’s also worth noting that, unlike other synthetic ice products, NiceIce does not dull skate blades prematurely. Users report that they need to sharpen their skates about as often as skating on real ice. H3: NiceIce Resurfacers Keep Ice Rinks as Smooth as Glass Even if you prefer to skate on fresh ice, NiceIce still has a product for you. The NiceIce resurfacer makes ice as smooth as glass in less time and with less water and hassle than using a hose alone. The resurfacer is a hose attachment that distributes a thin, controlled stream of water onto a resurfacing matt. Guide the resurfacer around the rink, and you’ll end up with a smooth, skateable surface in a fraction of the time.

Contact NiceRink Today to Order NiceIce Products

Whether you’re interested in building a synthetic ice rink, or you want to simplify the process of resurfacing fresh ice, NiceRink has the products you need. We are as passionate about skating and hockey as our customers, and we’re here to help you build a premium rink comprised of better components for 45% to 60% less than our competitors. With NiceRink, you spend less and get more—lots more! For answers to your additional questions about NiceIce panels and resurfacers, feel free to contact us today.

***Finished panels when attached measure 36" x 72" or 3' x 6'

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