25' x 45' NRCS Rink-in-a-Box Replacement Liner

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This 25' x 45' NRCS Rink-in-a-Box Replacement Liner, will make a rink sized 20' x 40'. This is the same exact liner that comes with the 20' x 40' NiceRink Rink-in-a-Box starter kit. (This SMALL replacement liner does NOT include Puck & Tape) Live in Canada? This exact item is available in Canada at Costco.ca.


NRCS Value

  • Excellent for backyard rinks
  • Engineered THREE LAYERED liner for a LOW COST (3 layered Tri-Extruded Technology)

A less expensive alternative to our rip-stop reinforced liners, the NRCS is a HIGH-STRENGTH, wide-width, two-sided “super-white” film. Available in widths of 32' , 40' , 50' , and 60' (80' and 100' by request) by any length. Please note: The NRCS liner is NOT recommended for severely sloped sites. Cost - 10.5 cents per sq. ft. for 32' or 40' widths;11.5 cents per sq. ft. for 50' or 60' widths, and 15.5 cents per sq. ft. for 75', 80', 100' and 120' widths. Widths over 60' wide will be White one side, Black the opposite side.


NiceRink® I

  • Excellent for backyard rinks
  • 6 mil 4 layered, reinforced ripstop

NiceRink® I is the baby brother to our NiceRink® III material -- just a bit thinner to cut cost and weight for less demanding requirements. NiceRink® I still offers the -70℉ cold crack along with the ripstop reinforcements to prevent further tearing or zippering to help keep cuts and holes to a minimum. Available in widths of 20', 30', 35', 40', 50', 60', and 72' stock by any length. (Wider widths available starting at 78' and 6' increments thereafter upon request.) Cost - Up to 72' wide 18.5 cents per sq. ft., Over 72' wide 19.5 cents per sq. ft.


NiceRink® III

  • Recommended for Parks & Recreation
  • 10 mil 4 layered, reinforced ripstop

NiceRink® III is our ultimate ice rink liner material, made of 10mil, four-layered, reinforced ripstop with excellent puncture resistance, in conjunction with a -70F cold crack. Reinforcing filaments within the body of the material prevent further tearing or “zippering,” which means any cut that occurs will remain small (and require less patching in the summer). A major advantage of the NiceRink® reinforced materials over "woven tarps" is that they won't get wind-whip damage, which means you won't end up using a sieve for a liner after one year. Available in most 6-foot increments starting at 24' wide up to whatever you can handle, and lengths in 5' increments starting at 50'. Cost - 26.5 cents per sq. ft.

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