Nicerink 20' x 40' Rink-In-A-Box (CANADA Shipping)

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NiceRink® Rink-In-A-Box Retail Package

For more detailed information on the Rink-In-A-Box and list of dealers CLICK HERE

The NiceRink® 20’ x 40’ kits are available exclusively through our vast international dealer network. Simply go to our easy to use Dealer Locator to Search a Dealer by State, Province, Website, Country or Installer.

In Canada? We continue to have an EXCELLENT offering of the 20' x 40' Rink-In-A-Box in Canada through Other retailers throughout Canada, just use our Dealer Locator and find the one nearest you.

Join 1,000's of families around the world who "Took home the fun" and purchase our 20' x 40' Rink-In-A-Box.

NiceRink® is the leading manufacturer of home and commercial outdoor rink systems and continues to offer this package for an incredibly affordable price. The Rink-In-A-Box package comes with an installation DVD and the rink is simple to set up and will adapt to uneven ground using the patented NiceRink® Bracket System. (Does Not include required sideboards)

Special Note: Some dealers may also carry a lesser quality rink packages along with NiceRink®. Insist on the original NiceRink®, for quality and value.We also have replacement liners to extend the life of your rink.

The NiceRink® 20' x 40' retail package includes the "Key Essentials" to get you started on building your own 20' x 40' NiceRink®.

34- NiceRink® Brackets

1- 25' x 45' Heavy Duty Ice Rink Liner

1- NiceRink® Patch Tape Pad

1- Tube of 1 oz. Underwater Glue

1- NiceRink® Logo Puck

1- NiceRink® Instruction Video and Catalog

Helpful Videos

Video Tutorial to Check Slope by NiceRink

Video Tutorial to Install Plastic Board by NiceRink

Video Tutorial to Install Brackets by NiceRink

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