NiceRink NRCS Starter Kit 14 x 36 Rink Size

Looking for a full Rink Package?

We've got you covered!

Rink Packages

Starter Rink Packages are the best way to get started on a budget with the key essentials. You SAVE because each kit is based on standard sizes which reduces our cost and your price.

Each 14' x 36' Kit Includes:

  • A complete set of NiceRink Patented Brackets (28)
  • NiceRink Liner (NRCS)
  • (1) 12" X 12" NiceRink Patch Pad
  • (1) Tube 1oz Underwater Glue
  • (1) NiceRink Rink Rat Logo Puck
  • Instructions & Catalog Included

**All packages will require the purchase of either 12", 16" or 24" cut down 3/4" plywood to fit into the brackets or our 18" x 4' long Plastic BoardsRinks with 28 brackets/100PF will require 13-8' lengths. Rinks with 56 brackets/212Pf will require 27-8' lengths. Perimeter Feet (Pf) is listed below by each kit, to help determine sideboard needs.

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