Back Stop/Perimeter Netting 8' x 24'

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This 8' High, 24' wide backstop netting is perfect for stopping high and wide shot pucks and saving the windows. They can be used both during the winter with your rink and during the summer across the front of the garage. The nets are made with heavy duty strands, spaced at just 7/8" to make sure the pucks don't get through. With the tight 7/8" spacing they can also be used for golf balls or a backstop for baseball practice as well. YouTube "In ground pole sleeves for barrier netting" We haven't tried those, but they look perfect! We install the backstop net by attaching the net and one 20' guide line to the top of two 2x4x12 boards. Then dig two, 2' deep post holes place the ends of the 2x4's into the holes, hold them straight up, back fill the hole with the dirt (you'll have some extra). Then pull the guide lines out to tighten the net up, and tie them off to a tree, fence, etc, or pound a stake in the ground to tie the guide line off to. (net only, does not include poles) IN CANADA: With the popularity of the NiceRink in Canada increasing each year, we are very excited to offer our BackStop Nets in Canada through
Net Details: These nets are made out of a High Tenacity Poly Propylene material. HTTP is best net on market for weathering. It is weather treated all the way through and has a break strength of over 290lbs. Netting is 2.3mil The junctions are knotless which is stronger than a knotted knot and maintains it break strength more consistently than a knotted material. All nets will wear over time and you can not predict how long it will last but the chance of this net lasting through out bad elements is significantly higher than a nylon or polyethylene net. Nets durability depends on 3 main things. 1. How many times a ball/puck hits and at what speed. (A net that gets hit in exact same stop with wear faster in than spot.) 2. Weather- How much sunlight hits net and how much water elements hit net. (UV generally deteriorates net more quickly than rain or snow) 3. How tight the net is stretch. The tighter the net the faster it will wear and if sharp object hits taut net that it is more likely to be cut. One note on animals- some animal have been known to eat nets- we cannot stop this from happening. Best example we can give people is past customers experience. We have customers who have used the same 8 x 24 net for over 10 years. We have some who use the net more often that needed to replace after 5 years. We've never had someone complain that the net did not last through winter.

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