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Information on portable refrigerated ice skating rinks in many sizes, shapes and designs. Whether on an existing tennis court, patio or backyard we can put a rink in almost any location on a level location. Each rink is designed to maintain ice reliably and safely with enough refrigeration to provide up to five months of outdoor ice skating each season. Imagine, 4-5 months of REAL refrigerated ice starting at: 20' x 40' Do-It-Yourself refrigerated Rink Kit STARTING at $26,000.00 usd 32' x 60' Do-It-Yourself refrigerated Rink Kit STARTING at $47,000.00 usd To ensure delivery for the current year please book by the end of June each year. For more information please copy and paste this link into your browser: http://www.nicerink.com/customicerinks MORE PHOTOS BELOW

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