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Portable Ice Rinks for Your Backyard

NiceRink Provides Winter Wonderlands

Create a winter wonderland in your backyard this season with a portable ice rink from NiceRink. No matter where you are located in the US or Canada, we can deliver a portable rink kit to your home. With our portable ice rinks, you can skate all season long. Learn to figure skate or keep up your hockey skills with real refrigerated ice right on your property. Hockey families and figure skaters alike drive hours to visit their favorite rinks to practice or brush up on their skills. Investing in a portable backyard ice rink allows you to keep doing what you love from the convenience of your own home. Our expert team will help walk you through the setup and tear down of your DIY rink.

Skate All Winter on Your Very Own Rink

Families all over North America have invested in NiceRink’s portable backyard ice rinks for their winter fun. Browse our gallery to see the final product of our portable ice rinks. Teach your kids to skate, cut down on your commute to hockey practice, or foster a hobby for recreational skating! The winter months don’t have to be a bore. Sure, the weather gets cold, and the skies may turn grey, but with NiceRink, you can enjoy fun winter activities without ever leaving home. Bundle up with the kids, lace up your skates, and have a ball! You can be back inside, snuggled up with hot chocolate before you know it. After your initial installation, our rinks are low hassle, so you can enjoy the space stress-free throughout the season.

Build Frozen Memories to Last a Lifetime

With our portable ice rink kits, you're building more than a rink; you're creating Frozen Memories®. Our creator, Jim Stoller, built this company hoping to transform backyards everywhere into winter play lands that inspire memories to last a lifetime. The rinks themselves stay frozen and skate-ready for about four to five months after installation, so you can rest assured you'll benefit from the rink all winter long. We are proud to be a family company serving families across the US and Canada. At NiceRink, we value our customer service and client loyalty at the center of our business model. You can guarantee that when you purchase a NiceRink portable ice-skating rink for your backyard, you will receive a product of superior quality and benefit from service you can trust. From our family, to yours. We want to spread the joy of skating we have indulged in for a lifetime.

How to Install Your Portable Rink to Last All Winter

Before you get into installation, you'll first want to measure the space you have available for the rink. Our team will need to know the size and slope of your backyard and the number of people you anticipate will be skating on the rink. Each portable rink kit is customized to your family's needs. We understand one rink will not fit all backyards, and we want yours to fit perfectly. Next, you'll select the specific rink product you'd like for us to deliver from our wide array of products, packages, and solutions. Finally, our team will walk you through the assembly process. We provide easy-to-follow tutorials that can guide you in this DIY project, so you can have your rink assembled in as little as 40 minutes!

Our do-it-yourself portable backyard ice rinks for sale start at $26,000 and vary based on size, specifications, and design. The larger kits begin at a price point of $47,000. Whatever your budget, our NiceRink team will work with you to design and deliver the refrigerated ice rink that will best serve your family. Please place your order prior to June of the year you would like the rink installed. As we service a wide portion of North America, we need ample time to schedule delivery.

Contact NiceRink Today!

Surprise your family this winter with a NiceRink portable ice rink they will love. Create Frozen Memories® you will remember as a family for years to come. Our refrigerated ice is designed to be great for skating throughout the winter. As skaters ourselves, we knew the importance of providing rinks that offer enjoyable skating experiences. NiceRink is a family-owned business that understands the importance of bonding with your family, whether over a friendly game of hockey or sipping on hot cocoa afterward. We want to help your family create memories similar to the ones we are so fond of. Call us today to learn more and discuss how to transform your property into a winter wonderland.

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