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We are VERY excited to offer you these ENGINEERED board with AWESOME backyard ice rink advancements! NiceRink Plastic Interlocking Sideboards are the perfect perimeter board to use with your NiceRink Brackets. Through a vision set into place back in 1991, NiceRink continues to research & improve upon its ORIGINAL and SIMPLE backyard ice rink system. Check out these improved plastic boards to use in conjunction with your NiceRink Brackets. The plastic boards will last for years to come, allowing you to think about passing them on down through the family for years. With an aluminum insert along the back of the board for added stability on rink sites that have more slope and deeper water/ice up to 14" without additional support, We have also added a cavity within the back of the board that will accomodate a 1"x4"x19" board. SEE MORE IMAGES ABOVE, JUST SCROLL through All of that combined with the hinge/interlocking design which is super user friendly, allowing the NiceRink boards to be easily connected together by just sliding one onto the next for a nice sturdy long lasting sideboard. There's NO PARTS & PIECES, Simply put them together. NiceRink boards allow a swivel action at the corners so all NiceRink's utilizing the plastic boards create radius type corners, without the need for additional curved or flexible boards. The dual purpose stacking buttons along the top of the boards also act in conjunction with the NiceRink BumperCaps™. By carefully placing the stacking buttons and raised BumperCap™ holder section at an optimum height from the top of the board they aid in helping to secure your BumperCaps™ to the boards to help prevent them from blowing off. Boards Measure: 18" tall, 4' long, 1" thick Boards Weight: 9Lbs. (Half the weight of 16"x4'x ¾" piece of plywood.) ORDER NOW AVOID FROZEN GROUND LATER! *NOTE*, These boards WILL "connect" with boards from 2009 & 2010. See the NiceRink Boards & Brackets in action on lakes at and tournament websites.

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Video Tutorial to Check Slope by NiceRink

Video Tutorial to Install Plastic Board by NiceRink

Video Tutorial to Install Brackets by NiceRink

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