Pro-Wall-ICE, Molded Boards 42" High x 8'

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The ProWall-ICE Rink System is the perfect solution for customers ranging from backyard or basement rinks all the way up to NHL size Park & Recreation facilities. These 42" high boards are made of UV-stabilized plastic and can be installed for a portable set up, semi-permanent set up or permanently. Anchoring options include portable "bracing" panels which can be filled with sand or water for extra stability, 5/8" removable anchors or steel posts anchored into the ground. Add upper containment options such as mesh netting, vinyl-coated chain link fencing or clear acrylic. Warranted to below zero temperatures! There are 11 different Board designs to make a wide array of rink dimensions and corners. A few of the main panels for hockey rinks are: 42" x 8' x 8" Straight Panel $595.00 42" x 8' x 8" Curved Panel $410.00 (Four will make a 20' Radius) 42" x 8' x 8" Gate Panel (Includes 36" Access Gate Centered) $625.00 42" x 4' x 8" Straight Panel $220.00 42" x 2' x 8" Straight Panel $120.00 42" high 45-degree Corner Panel, two per corner to form a 40' radius $195.00 EACH For more information please email us at

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