Quartz Lighting Dual 500W Halogen lights w/stand (OUT OF STOCK UNTIL FALL 2019)

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(OUT OF STOCK UNTIL FALL 2019) Quartz Light Fixture 1000 watt 5 year factory warranty. Comes complete with stand, and easy on/off buttons. Requires electricity from an extension cord and outlet. Pole extends to 6' or light can be removed to attach to house, pole or tree. Description: * Quick-disconnect feature to remove portable worklight from stand * Portable sled design removes easily from stand * Independent weatherproof HI/LO switch provides adjustable light control (500/1000 watts/OFF) * Twin 500 watt halogen ¬fixtures,1000 watts of total light output * Fixture adjusts to over 6 feet in height * Spare bulb included in handle * Compact storage, tripod stand collapses and stores within sled * Die-cast aluminum housing * Heavy duty wire grille guard for added safety * Tempered glass lens * 6 foot, 18 gauge, 3 prong grounded power cord * 120 volts (standard household supply)

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