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NiceRink Allows You to Create a Hockey Rink in Your Backyard

A backyard hockey rink is a perfect addition to your home when the mercury begins to drop and the brisk air of winter is upon you. Throughout the U.S. and Canada, hockey fans agree that a NiceRink is essential during the winter months. NiceRink provides the equipment, accessories, and expertise to transform your backyard into a neighborhood gathering spot for skating or a game of pickup hockey. We have options to suit all sizes of backyards and can even customize your backyard rink to maximize your space and amplify your fun.

We Can Expertly Advise You How to Arrange Your Backyard Rink

The staff at NiceRink has been helping clients build backyard ice rinks and create frozen memories since 1991. With nearly three decades of experience, we can explain how to transform any backyard into a winter competition destination, regardless of size or scope. We will help you determine what size outdoor hockey rink you will need and also offer tips such as how to choose a location with easy access to water, maximize your convenience, and adjust for the slope of your backyard.

NiceRink Provides Everything You Need for a Backyard Rink

We have developed products that will safely and efficiently transform your backyard into an outdoor hockey rink with ease. Our backyard ice rink packages include durable, lightweight sideboards, engineered deep-water support brackets, and industrial-strength rink liners, as well as a NiceIce resurfacer, kick plates, and bumper caps. Our durable system is capable of withstanding all of the harsh elements of a northern winter and providing unlimited fun for hockey players and skaters alike. Beyond the basics, we can provide various other amenities to help enhance the illusion that you are playing in a Saturday night game on the big stage, such as goals, perimeter netting, lighting, and walkways.

Installing you NiceRink is Quick and Simple

The installation process for your backyard skating rink from NiceRink can be done in the amount of time it takes to watch just one period of hockey on television. Some of our loyal NiceRink customers have estimated that their entire set-up time was 40 minutes or less. It will take longer for the ice to freeze atop our rink liners than it will to arrange all of the sideboards and support brackets. We will provide detailed instructions for installation but please also view our videos to gain a better sense of how to install your backyard skating rink.

Order Your Backyard Ice Rink from NiceRink Today

NiceRink has been featured on outlets including ESPN, USA Hockey, and NBC’s Today. With a loyal clientele spanning U.S. and Canada, we have continuously perfected our backyard hockey rinks for nearly 30 years. Contact us today to learn more about how to choose your NiceRink and what to expect during installation. We are here and happy to help you along the way and excited about helping you carve the ice in your backyard in no time!

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